Zombie Defense

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La description de Zombie Defense

You simply arm yourself to protect your home from zombie attacks. is addicting game to play or fun survival game, you can finish the mission of each day to survive. Shoot the zombies to get money and buy weapon, upgrade the barriers, boom. You can use the boom to call the bombers.Meeting with Zombies is not the most pleasant meeting. Especially as these creatures encroach on your house. Protect housing from extremely hostile Zombies.Features:- 30 days game mission- 4 zombie characters and more- 4 weapons and more- Simple control and play.- Great gameplay.- Beautiful cartoon 2D graphics.What do you need to take children and adults in your spare time? Find a game that is perfect for all ages. Then you just need to play a computer game Zombie. The essence of the game is simple. The horrible Zombies are attacking your home. What to do? Take the weapon in your hands and start defending yourself. But you must avoid the attack of these unpleasant creatures and stay alive. In each round, the number of zombies is increasing, and they are aggressively moving forward to your defense, trying to destroy it. Monsters appear unexpectedly and always from different places. Arrows help you competently choose a comfortable position to win a fight.How many it is necessary to destroy the unpleasant inhabitants, you will be prompted in the upper right corner. You can earn money by destroying zombies. Use this money to buy weapons or update your barriers.After completing each quest, you will receive a reward. Reward is very, very useful in the future. You can buy a new weapon, which has improved qualities that help to cope with the army of Zombies. It is necessary only to distract, show carelessness and the round will end with your defeat. The game is free and completely not boring at all. Beautiful graphics, vivid game elements, extremely simple operation - all this allows you to master the game: boys, girls and teenagers.You want to stay alive in a world of evil zombies - to destroy them quickly, accurately, without delay. Download the game once and get real pleasure for a long time. Simple controls and sound, game animation pay an additional note in the perception of the integrity of the events.The game does not require Internet. Installed once on a tablet or smartphone game will please without wifi. The game is a shooter, only in a more simple and understandable control. Cheerful, dynamic and interesting. How is it useful? Develops the speed of response to changing conditions, attention, ability to make the right decisions quickly, leading to a positive result. It is impossible to imagine a single day of a child without a game. Game will be interested for girls too. The game to deliver a lot of fun and positive. Go level by level and win. Drive and pace add different characters in appearance, and the complexity of their destruction. Will you be quick, smart, determined and brave? Play and learn your abilities in the fight against the enemy, even if it's cartoonish. If you want something new, then this game is exactly what you were looking for! The joy of winning is a feeling that gives the sea of positive and good mood for the whole day.

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  • Nom
    Zombie Defense
  • PrixGratuit
  • Version1.0.0
  • RequiertAndroid 5.0+
  • Mise à jour de2021-09-16
  • DéveloppeurKeta Lab
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